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State attorney rules prohibit of us from listing private case results including if we won and how much we won.  However, these rules do allow the posting of public information.  The Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) is the first level in the VA appeal process where the case is reviewed by a judge.  The BVA posts the decisions on it's website and you can search these decisions.  Below is a list of popular types of VA disability claims/appeals.  We have created a link on each of these to the BVA website so that you can search the conditions and our firm and see a list of the recent cases our firm has handled related to that conditions.  All you need to do is click on the condition and then click on the search box (the terms are pre-filled).  For other conditions, just click on "Other conditions" below, add the search term in the box and click search.

**Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future performance. Any result in a single case does not constitute a promise, prediction, or guarantee regarding the outcome of any other case. Each case involves many different factors and thus results will vary from case-to-case.**

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