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Why Hire a Lawyer to Fight the VA?

bosley and bratch legal teamYou may wonder why hiring a veterans disability lawyer is necessary.

Well, first off, the statistics show that having a lawyer on your side increases your chances of winning.  In fact, the most recent report from the Board of Veterans Appeals, which reviews appeals, revealed that having a lawyer more than doubles your chances of winning versus going it alone.  Plus, we know the law.  We are certified to represent veterans and we have been practicing veterans law for over 20 years, which is longer than most firms in the entire country. We are a thorough understanding of 2,000+ pages of VA laws and regulations. With that much experience, not only are we positioned as thought leaders in the field, but we have a track record of victories and testimonials that you can explore for yourself.

Our team, which includes an intake specialists, case managers, legal advocates, lawyers, and medical and vocational consultants from around the country, will work together to find the legal mistakes made by VA and gather the evidence to support the claim.  Additionally, unlike most service organizations, we will obtain sworn statements from witness and write legal argument and briefs in support of your claim.. 

Trying to fight the massive organization that is the VA can be intimidating. Rather than go at it alone, let us help. Our lawyers are so well versed in VA law, they train other lawyers across the country. Members of the firm are or have served in various VA law leadership capacities including on the board of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates and have been recognized for their services and pro bono work by the Center for Veterans Advancement. 

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