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Tampa Investigative Reporter Steve Andrews Interview with Ralph Bratch About Proposed VA Budget Cuts

Part I of President Trump's proposed VA budget cuts story featured on Tampa Bay's WFLA Target 8 aired on Tuesday evening.  Senior Investigative Reporter, Steve Andrews, came to the office and interviewed Ralph.  Ralph gave his thoughts on what Trump's proposed budget would mean for veterans who receive unemployability benefits.  Target 8: Local veterans could see benefits cut under Trump budget proposal.  Local veteran, George Diaz, was also interviewed.  He shared with Steve his disappointment with the administration's proposal to strip veterans of benefits they have earned.

Part II of the investigation by Steve Andrews aired last night.   Steve interviewed Mike Zenz , a Vietnam Veteran, and his wife.  They shared that the president’s proposed VA budget would strip unemployability benefits from them and they would lose everything.  Ralph emphasized in this interview that they are not double dipping into Social Security and unemployability benefits.  One was earned from being disabled in the military and the other is their retirement package that they have paid into.  The benefits budget cut would impact 225,000 veterans, 62 years of age or older, collecting Social Security retirement.  Watch the second part of the story, Target 8: Pasco couple fears 'we'd lose everything' from VA cuts.

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