Disability Compensation For Veterans

Disability compensation is a monthly payment made to veterans who were injured during their time of service. These payments can range anywhere from $127 to more than $2,769 or more depending on dependents and addons for special circumstances. Disability Compensation is tax-free. The sum is determined by the severity of the injury received and its resulting disability.

Receiving Compensation

If you are a veteran and are looking to receive this compensation, you must first fill out an application. The paperwork is called the VA Form 21-526, or the Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension. When you fill this out and turn it in, be sure to include any dependency records and medical evidence that you are in possession of. The VA office will be in need of this information at some point and it is better to just have it all in at once to minimize the chance of something being lost.

Other Forms of Compensation

Not all forms of disability compensation come in monetary payments. Should you be in need of a different kind of aid, it may be a possibility. Some other forms of compensation include health care, a pension, a grant to build a home designed to accommodate a wheelchair, grants for specialized motor vehicles, and even access to dependent-care assistant programs. In order to find out if you are eligible for any of these types of reparations, you can file a claim to the Veterans’ Affairs Office. Often your ability to receive such benefits is determined by the disability rating you received when you were either discharged or when you were later evaluated. If your rating is not high enough to get you the aid you need, you should seek to raise your score to where it should rightly be.