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Disclaimer: The state attorney ethics rules in Indiana where some of our attorneys are licensed prohibit us from posting in a testimonial website that we won and/or the dollar amount of the win.  The rule makers don’t think that the average person has the capability of judging testimonials for what they are, happy former clients sharing their experience with others.  We believe that uncensored testimonials are the most important piece of information that potential clients can have in choosing a lawyer.  We believe that this rule limiting testimonials deprives potential clients of information about whether the attorneys they are considering hiring have actually won cases and, if so, how much they won. 

The only thing we are allowed to post in testimonials is information about how clients are satisfied with the services we provided without mentioning if we won or not and how much we won if we did win.  That is what you will find in the testimonials below. We leave it to you to decide why these former clients are so satisfied.  

Also, note that these testimonials are not, nor are they intended, to create a promise or guarantee of future performance, a prediction of future success, or to create any expectation of similar results in any manner. Each case involves many different factors and thus results will always be different from case-to-case.

David Wallace picSeveral service organizations tried unsuccessfully to get me VA disability ever since I got on SSA. I hired this firm and I would recommend them to any veteran seeking help obtaining VA disability benefits.

– David Wallace, Michigan

When I hired Bosley & Bratch, several veterans' organizations had told me that I did not have a case. The law firm believed in me and sent me to the proper expert witnesses.  I could not have done this without their expert help.

– Leroy Sherman, Indiana

Frank Costanzo picBosley & Bratch expertly handled everything from day one. They represented me in court, stood by me in my battles with the VA, kept me completely informed of what was happening, and ... It was a life changing outcome! I recommend this firm to any veteran needing help in fighting the VA.

– Frank Costanzo, Ohio

Randall Mansfield picI have been disabled since 1981 shortly after being discharged from the service. I knew that I was entitled to my VA benefits and fought for them for almost 30 years. I contacted Congressmen, other state representatives and other VA organizations for help with my claim to no prevail. As a young disabled man unable to work my main concern was my family being provided for and having the benefits they were entitled to. However, the VA continually found a way to deny me. One day while surfing on the net I ran across information on the law firm of Bosley & Bratch. I contacted them and ... I can never thank them enough for their help with my claim and there continues support helping me with the VA benefits I was entitled to. I highly recommend them to any vet that needs help with their VA claim. Don’t go on frustrating yourself trying to fight this on your own or with other organizations that do not have their experience and knowledge to get you what you deserve and have earned! I can’t really find any words that say how much I really appreciate this law firm.

– Randall E. Mansfield, Indiana

Steve Deasy picI am a Vietnam Veteran. Many years I have struggled with issues in my life after returning from Vietnam. I was referred to the law firm of Bosley & Bratch. Since then, I have been working with, dealing with, and helping any veterans that I can, advising them how to get the help they deserve. If the Veterans Administration has turned you down for disabilities, I would urge you to contact Bosley & Bratch. Believe what I am saying, this is the real deal! I have been treated with so much respect and appreciation for my service to my country. My friends, if you are struggling in dealing with the Veterans Administration, don’t go it alone. Contact these great people and get results.

– Steve Deasy, Kentucky

I was diagnosed by three civilian psychiatrists as having a (classic) case of PTSD. I went to the VA armed with this information, after a number of meetings with the VA doctors I was denied a disability. I was ready to give up. A fellow Marine told me about the law firm of Bosley and Bratch. They had represented him in a similar case, successfully. I contacted Bosley & Bratch and they took my case, and very professionally and successfully represented me to the VA. The firm of Bosley & Bratch are very veteran oriented and show the utmost respect and appreciation for veterans.

– Alan Brown, West Virginia

We are writing to commend Bosley & Bratch on the excellent service they have performed for our family. For several years we tried on our own to work through the VA's complicated claims process, with limited success. After getting as far as we could, we were referred to the law firm of Bosley & Bratch, at lawyers4veterans.latte.wpengine.com. Once the case was put in to their hands, the appeal went quickly I'm very satisfied with the outcome. We would be happy to recommend Bosley & Bratch law firm to any veteran.

– Brian Adams & Family, Tennessee

After years of frustration & belittlement, I had all but given up hope for any help from local Veterans Administration agencies. Thankfully, a fellow veteran gave me the phone number for Bosley & Bratch. Upon talking to their very patient representative I was assured that my claim was valid. Bosley & Bratch reviewed my case, filed the correct appeals & personally represented me at my appeals hearing. The system now treats me with the degree of respect that our government promised us veterans. Had it not been for Bosley & Bratch I would have become just another discarded veteran. Words alone could never express by heartfelt thanks and gratitude. When asked for advice concerning a VA claim, I always recommend Bosley & Bratch.

– Mike Sterling, Illinois

Like so many other Vietnam era veterans, I too suffered years of additional humiliation, mental anguish, frustration, and anger, while trying to navigate the claims and appeals process of the Veterans Admissions on my own. Not until I was referred to the law firm of Bosley & Bratch by another veteran, did I begin to feel that anyone outside of my fellow veterans gave a damn about our plight. At the conclusion of my initial interview, I was confident that these attorneys were sincere, caring, and concerned legal professionals, who processed the necessary skills and knowledge to aggressively represent me, and present the merits of my claims. I am extremely grateful to them for their through and personal attention to detail, and for their steadfastness in pursuing additional claims and appeals on my behalf. Without reservation, I whole heartedly recommend their services to any veteran seeking compensation for substantiated claims from the Veterans Administration.

– Patrick Cooper, Arizona

As a Vietnam Veteran diagnosed with PTSD, I was referred to Bosley & Bratch, and they provided a very high level of professionalism as they guided my claim through the VA claim/appeal process to a successful conclusion.  The complexity of the VA claim process necessitates the experience, expertise, direction, communication and support of a proven firm.  I highly recommend Chris Boudi and the team at Bosley & Bratch to any veteran who wants to put a winning team on their side.                                                                                    

- Ron Johnson, Illinois

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