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The veterans disability attorneys at our firm are true professionals. Committed to providing high quality legal work and demonstrating integrity in the practice of law, they have the knowledge and resources needed to help you solve your legal issues. If you choose to become a client of our firm, you will have the confidence that comes with knowing your attorney has experience and a proven track record of success with cases similar to your own. You will also have no doubts about their commitment to you as an individual, and to achieving the results you deserve.

To learn more about any individual veterans disability attorney at our firm, please use the links provided below.

View Wade's Profile Wade R. Bosley's Profile Image

Wade R. Bosley

Wade Bosley is the co-founder of Bosley & Bratch.  Wade retired in 2015 after practicing law for over nearly 45 years.  Wade spent that last twenty years of his practice exclusively assisting veterans, their dependents and survivors obtain mo… Read More
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View Ralph's Profile Veterans Attorney Ralph J. Bratch

Ralph J. Bratch

Ralph Bratch is the co-founder, owner and manager of Bosley & Bratch, P.C., and is a VA certified veterans disability attorney dedicated to helping veterans and their dependents obtain disability and other benefits from the VA for various disabil… Read More
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View Andrew's Profile Andrew R. Rutz's Profile Image

Andrew R. Rutz

Andrew Rutz is an attorney and a veteran who is dedicated to helping veterans and military servicemembers throughout the country in a variety of areas including veterans disability and military law. Read More
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View Daniel's Profile Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith joined Bosley & Bratch in July 2011 after leaving a prestigious position as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Mary Scholen at the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) in Washington, D.C., where he assisted… Read More
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View Christopher's Profile Christopher J. Boudi's Profile Image

Christopher J. Boudi

Chris Boudi has been representing veterans for the past eight years. During this time he has successfully assisted veterans and their loved ones across the country on a variety of matters including: Military Sexual Trauma Mental impairments includin… Read More
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View Douglas's Profile Douglas Jackson's Profile Image

Douglas Jackson

Doug represents the disabled in claims for VA Disability benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. Doug’s experience includes having represented hundreds of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claimants before the So… Read More
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View Lindsey's Profile Lindsey Brigham's Profile Image

Lindsey Brigham

Phone: 800-953-6224
Lindsey first began working in veterans benefits during her second year of law school by participating in Stetson University College of Law’s Veterans Advocacy Clinic. During her time at the clinic, she argued before the Board of Veteran Appeals, r… Read More
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View Jennifer's Profile Jennifer Puryear's Profile Image

Jennifer Puryear

Phone: 800-953-6224
Jennifer attended Stetson University College of Law where she graduated with honors.  She represents the disabled in claims for VA Disability benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. Jennifer has successfully represented hundreds of Social… Read More
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